Monday, August 5, 2013

Are You Still Finding It Too Hard To Build A Profitable Business And Don't Know How To Go About It? Wipe Your Tears Because You're About To Locate Your Lost Hope.
This must be that Golden Opportunity you have been waiting for, to become a Self employed person with little capital via being a well trained Graphic Artist / Printer within 1 week.


Before I go further, I will like to introduce my self – My name is Obiagwu
Chidi, I went into this profession since 6 years now.

Many of us finished school since 5 years ago, but have not getting a well paid job, some are working from 7am – 6pm on a salary of N15,000 to N20,000 a month which after much expenses, you will be left with nothing.

Time has come when we Nigerians will create job to our fellow Nigerians not waiting for Government to do so.

That is the reason why I am offering this to our fellow Nigerians who live in Onitsha, Awka, Asaba, Nnewi and environs the opportunity of becoming a well trained Graphic Artist and a printer and be raking in about N40,000 to N65,000 every month within 1 week on one-on-one intensive training and coaching guaranteed, which will cover the following:

   - Carving of Stamps (office Stamp, company stamp, school stamps etc)
   - Making of Company Seal without the machine that cost about N170,000.
This information alone worth more than N50,000.
   - Printing of Banners (Both Digital and manual)
   - Printing of Polo / Vest (Digital & manual for Company, Individuals, Organization, banks etc)
   - Printing on Stickers, Umbrellas, Caps, Posters, Badges, Handbills,Calendars,
   brochures & other gift items
   - And lots more…

Mind you, if you can carve say from 10 – 20 stamps a month with an investment of N140 only (yes N140 investment) at the rate of N800 each that is a great N8000 to N16000 only from stamp alone, which I take more than N1000 to carve.

It is my humble wish that you start a business that will help your financial condition as soon as possible and the truth is that “Arts and printing business” is one of the businesses that you can start with a very little amount and you will be surprised at the amount of money that you will be making as your profit. And I have not recorded a loss since I started this work (Quote me). Gone are the days you’d need to get all your body stained with ink to get a good printing job done. The steady improvement in technology has removed a lot of stress that has made the business of printing so easy. ALL YOU NEED IS THE BASIC KNOWLEDGE…

Even if you have not getting held of a pencil or computer before now, Don’t worry. The Most interesting thing about this business is that any body can do it be you a male, female, student, worker (part-time or full-time), graduate, undergraduate.

You do not have to keep walking around the whole city or stressed out before you make a good living for yourself. All you need is just the application of simple ideas and be smart. As a matter of fact, when I conceived the idea of this business and started it, most of my friends thought it was never going to work out. Trust me; less than a week after I started with such a little amount, I started getting “printing and Arts works” without stress. As a matter of fact, I made about N28,400 in just 13 days after I started and ever since, I have never looked back as I just took it as a job immediately and now I earn even more than most bank managers monthly because I have mastered the art.

Several people have wasted their money and time doing different things all in a bid to make a living. Some have tried several internet businesses and buying some materials but their condition has still not changed and the most painful part is that some people even end up being scammed. Please open your eyes and be wise…

Interestingly, there are still a lot of very good manuals/materials that can truly teach you how to make money genuinely here in Nigeria and be smart about it but the problem is that there are so many fake manuals out there.

I really congratulate you for coming across one of the best and straight-forward manuals on “making real money from printing business” If you cant come one on one training or coaching. It is packed with useful, practical information on how you too can be part of those earning big cash monthly from this business from the comfort of your home.

Do not be skeptical, this is REAL business. It’s just application of common sense. In this business, you need to work with just 3 kinds of people to get your printing work done, your clients will not be disappointed and you will make your cool profit. I will show you these 3 kinds of people.

It is easy for people to look at a business from afar and assume that it will be so difficult to do or that it will require very huge capital but most times, when you get close enough and get the tips and secrets, you will discover that those assumed obstacles are not as difficult as you have perceived them to be.

Do you know that the money spent on printing by companies (large and small

businesses) and even several individuals in Nigeria runs into several millions of naira 

monthly? Don’t you want to have your own share or cut of that money?


Do you know that you can print about 1000 pieces of wedding card with just

N700. hmmm that is amazing I guess. But majority of printers charge more

than N4000 for printing of such cards. I will show you how…


The list is endless as printing business takes several forms so you will always

have a printing job order at any point in time and from my experience, there

are even times that you will have too many orders and you might even want to

reject some because of the time frame but not to worry, you can always handle

them. I’ll also show you how.


One of the major reasons why myself and most of the people that have my guidance  and in this business love it so much is that “YOUR PROFIT IS GUARANTEED”.


May be you will be asking or thinking how much this will cost. You and I know that this programme worth more trhan N70,000, but as a good citizen of Nigeria and knew how I started, I am offering this training for as low as N20,000 only. And for the Printing job manual is N3000 only.

Again, I want to state categorically that you have 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, if after ordering the Package and found out that what I said here is not true, or If it does not give you several sleepless night with thoughts of its potential, you can ask for refund, and that will be done immediately with out silly questions or hassles.

If you are coming for the One on One training, after the training, you will be given some basic tools to kick start.

Pay into any Branch of GTBank Nationwide, if you need the material.

Account Name: Obiagwu Chidi.

Account No.: 0040602403.

Amount: N3000 only

After making your payment, send an SMS notification to 08033622560.
Your Package will be delivered to you via your email address provided immediately we confirm from our bank.

For more info: call